EzySilk Hair Nourisher

Do you have Dry, brittle, or damaged hair?

The EzySilk Hair Treatment is the perfect solution for your hair!

Advanced Molecular Hair Roots Treatment 

EzySilk Hair Treatment is an organic hair mask that effectively repairs and detoxifies your hair. Specially formulated with advanced molecular technology, it deeply penetrates into the hair roots to nourish and strengthen hair follicles.
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Boost the health of your hair today!
EzySilk Hair Nourisher is infused with all-natural botanical ingredients and Argan oil to nourish your hair and promote natural hair growth.
  • Replenishes hair nutrients and adds protection to hair cuticles
  • Corrects and prevents Split Ends
  • Tames frizzy and dull hair
  • Helps reverse the effect of sun/UV exposure and chemical hair treatments.
  • Ultra-soft, vibrant and shiny hair restoration
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  1. After washing your hair, put a small amount onto your palm and massage it unto the hair.
  2. Massage your hair with your fingertips to help your hair absorb nutrients faster.
  3. Rinse it off completely.
  4. Immediately notice softer and smoother hair! You may also use it as a leave-on conditioner.
Ingredients: Botanical Extracts, Argan Oil
Net Content: 60ml
Advanced Molecular Hair Roots Treatment
Advanced Molecular Hair Roots Treatment